Worst Sleeping Position

In today’s world, we hardly care about the positions we sleep in. I bet most of the people have never even thought about what position they prefer sleeping in. Our fast lifestyle has put us into a situation where we are barely concerned about our health.

After a long day at the office or at school, a comfortable bed is all we ask for and we think we have fulfilled our sleep needs. We live in an era where junk food and fast pace life go hand in hand and people tend to ignore health concerns. Have you ever felt pain in your back or as a matter of fact in your knees or joints at the same time? If you have and you have no clue how to resolve the problem then chances are it is your sleeping position.

The Sleep Advisor suggests that sleeping positions can make a huge difference in our daily lives and the worst position to sleep is on your stomach. For some, it might reduce sleep apnea and solve the snoring issue but for many, it has a negative impact on their posture and body.

The worst of the conditions that can be caused by sleeping on your back which includes strain on your spinal cord (necessary arrangement between the brain and the body.) When you sleep on your on the stomach, it places pressure on your back and hence spinal strain.

Not only that, sleeping on your back can also cause neck strain so if you are wondering that your computer might be the reason behind it then you are wrong.

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended and especially for women who are pregnant. It must be avoided at all costs and better positions must be chosen for a healthier body.

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