Top 2 Viewfinder Cameras

There are not many cameras in the market that come along with a viewfinder. Few of which exist are hard to find or in other cases, people are not aware of them. Today’s cameras tend to frame the photos they create with the help of LCD.

You might have to look into a lot of point and shoot camera with viewfinder and DSLR’s to find the one that fits your needs. Below is a list of top 2 cameras that comprise of viewfinders which can help you locate yours or spend less time hunting for one.

Before we list down our top favorites, you must know that there are two types of viewfinders. One is the optical viewfinder while the other one is the electronic viewfinder.

Optical viewfinder: Usually found in a DSLR, uses a prism along with a mirror to reflect back the light that travels through the lens which goes back to the viewfinder.

Electronic Viewfinder: A smaller screen, often referred as EVF shows the same image on the LCD.

1. Panasonic LUMIX GX85

Our first pick is the Panasonic LUMIX as it is for those individuals who are looking for more in less money. It comprises of a 4K mirrorless exchangeable lens shooter. The camera is not even close to the size of an average DSLR but works much lighter and faster. It also comprises of dual image stabilization, wifi connectivity and 4K video recording with a 12-32mm lens.

2. Sony DSCHX90V
The point and shoot camera is our second choice as it provides us with a framing option in the excessive light. Also, the camera reveals accurately as to what you are currently shooting with the help of built-in OLED viewfinder. The best part about this camera is the Zeiss lens 30x optical zoom.

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