Things You Need to Know About Smoker Pellets For a BBQ

We recommend that you read this article completely as we will be talking about pellets that are used in pellet grill. In simple words, wood pellets are basically sawdust which has been processed and compressed into tiny capsules that you can use in the grill. The best thing about pellets is that they do not have any other material in them which means that it will not harm the food at all.In order to increase your knowledge about BBQ, you can go read about Masterbilt electric smoker recipes from Dagum Barbecue but also read this article till the end.

Since pellets are important to cook the food right and to add flavor to the item that you are cooking, we are going to discuss two types of pellets that are amazing in every way.

Hardwood Pellets

These smoker hardwood pellets are great and majority of people prefer to use hardwood pellets for their smoked food. The great thing about these pellets are that there different types so you can choose them according to the food you are planning to cook, availability, cost and preference. The hardwood pellets that are commonly used to smoke different foods are oak, alder, maple, pecan, mesquite and hickory smoke pellets. Now you need to remember that before you buy any of these pellets, you need to know if the particular pellet is suitable for cooking the food that you have or not.

Fruitwood Pellets

Smoke fruitwood pellets are unique because they produce special flavors in the food that is being cooked with them. The most common are the apple and cherry pellets where apple infuses certain tartness to the food and the cherry pellets add a little sweetness to what you are cooking.

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