The Game Just Began

In the start, Cricket was probably referred to as nothing more than a mere childish game but indeed adults alike have come to see the merits of it. It is any enjoyable sport that is loved by all ages and spans even the borders of the world. There are seldom few who do not know of the sport and even those that do not have any semblance of the rules can with quite relative ease, learn them just by watching a game or two. Batting, bowling and fielding all have their own strategic importance in the game and the learning curve is not as steep nor is it difficult for a completely new player to join the sport.

The game itself has come a long way from when it was first played. Now you can find people having made careers out of their passion for the sport and many companies have begun investing into the creation of sports gear such as Cricket. Brands such as Gunn and Moore and Kookaburra have quite heavily invested into the equipment that is used by Cricketers around the world. Many stores like Meuleman serve to distribute their equipment into various countries and Australia is no different from it all as Cricket is one of Australia’s most searched and attended sports.

Kookaburra cricket bats by Meulemans are plentiful in stock and if you plan on beginning your career down the road to becoming a Cricketer, or even if you and your friends just want to gear up so that you can all enjoy the merry sport of Cricket together, they are always happy to distribute their wares to inspiring players. What would a game of Cricket be without the signature kit that everyone knows of. Find out what suits you best at Meulemans.

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