The Amazing Candles

Candles are considered as an amazing gift, something which not just lights up your place but it omits great smell and it is something which you would love to give it to your friend or loved one, right? Well, think again! There are candles which would light up the place with their amazing smell but will make people puke with its odor a few minutes after, these prank candles are as the name suggests used for pranks, people gift it to their friends and family to crank up their special day.

Ruining great moments and especially birthday pranks is something really common and people look for different things and products which would help their prank become a success, and this is an amazing addition to the list of items which pranksters use, whether it is your friend’s birthday or your colleague’s promotion party, prank candle would be the perfect gift not to make him/her happy but to prank and make it memorable.

The prank candles go awesome to awful in a matter of minutes or hours, that depends on what type of candle you are buying, these are available for $12 and this would an investment worthwhile for you if you are able to pull the prank successfully, the candle in disguise as many call it, this product is becoming really popular among different age groups and especially on birthdays, people would go extreme in their pranks and gift this to their girlfriends on some very special day, no matter how funny it may seem but this may end you up in serious trouble and that would also be on you to make her happy once again, and that is not an easy thing to achieve as you might know by now, just log onto and have a look at the number of options.

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