Picking Out That Single ‘Do Everything’ Knife

A folding knife is an outdoorsman’s best friend. These knifes consist of a switch blade and a hilt that either sheathes the blade or safely locks it in place when it’s folded. If you’re looking to buy a pocket knife, you’re naturally going to be looking for the best pocket knife you can buy but before you can do that, you need to narrow down your options. Fortunately for you, you’ve landed on just the right page for you to get started on your way to that single best pocket knife that will fit all your needs.

There are many shapes and sizes of pocket knives out there; this is because they’re all shaped to handle different kinds of things. A knife that is good at shaping wood might not be as good at skinning animals or even slicing tomatoes, for that matter. Long story short, there might not really be a knife out there that can perfectly handle everything you use it for but even so, there are still many pocket knives that offer a great deal of versatility.

To get the most versatile knife, you should look for things that generally determine how good a knife is; for instance, you’ll want to make sure that your knife offers you good ergonomics so you have a nice grip on it while handling tasks that require force. Forceful tasks also require your blade to have a good edge so that it doesn’t go blunt and a high tolerance between its liner and handle. A blade with a higher carbon content would be more durable and also stronger against corrosion. You need to know all these things before you can buy the best pocket knife for you.

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