Mini Fridges: The Dorm Essential

Our college/university years count as one of the most fun and stressful experiences in our lives and even 20 years down the line, we will have some stories and memories that we will bring up from time to time. A lot of individuals actually end up gaining weight in college because of their lifestyle there. Stress coupled with partying, lack of exercise and availability of fresh food takes a toll. However, you do not have to spend your time in college eating instant noodles, microwaveable lunches and take out. Opting for a mini fridge can ultimately make your college experience a lot better in the long run. We will be talking about why a mini fridge should be considered a dorm essential below.

Convenience is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of having a mini fridge. You do not have to walk down to the cafeteria or to a corner store every time you need fresh food or a cold beverage. You can just take it out from the fridge and you do not have to do regular food runs since you can store your food and fresh fruits and vegetables for longer periods of time.

The other reason why a mini is essential because it helps to leave no excuses when it comes to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. There are plenty of recipes that can be made in a college dorm using just the contents of your mini fridge and a microwave. Once you start making your own meals, you will not feel lethargy that is common with eating fast food and instant meals so you will feel more active. Plus you can meal prep for the week and keep in the fridge and you can even store your leftovers as well, making your dorm life, at least in terms of meals, more convenient.

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