Make Your Email Based Digital Marketing More Effective

Using emails to contact customers and to provide them with information on various offers has become a norm in the digital marketing, but the truth is that this is not a really effective method. Not everyone has the habit of regularly checking their email, even the people who do so on a regular basis tend to tune out emails that they do not think of as important, all of this leads to emails having a disappointingly low open rate of no more than 30%.

Fortunately, a certain highly popular social media website has provided e-businesses with a much more effective marketing tool; the Facebook Messenger that can be accessed through Facebook’s website or through a separate app. Messages sent through Facebook have a much higher response rate than emails, simply because of the fact that they are easier to view and respond to. Many businesses have already started taking advantages of this through the use of Facebook Messenger bots, software that handles sending all kinds of deals and links to your customers via the Facebook Messenger.

There are a lot of Facebook Messenger bots out there, many of which are quite hard to use, but there are always exceptions, one being the Funnel Messenger, an app that is as easy to use as it is effective. What makes the Funnel Messenger so great is it’s well-thought out design which lets even the most novice people implement it into their E-business without any effort, you can get all the details about this fantastic bot in Black Bird Marketing’s Funnel Messenger review. This website guarantees that it only reviews products after having personally tested them, meaning that their review on the Funnel Messenger is backed by hands on experience that they have had with the app.

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