Is Induction Cooking Really Better?

Traditionally, cooking is done using gas fuelled cooking ranges and it has been that way for decades. Many culinary experts still argue that gas is the best way to prepare a number of dishes; however, there is now a newer, less fossil fuel demanding method of cooking that many chefs are already endorsing in their kitchen – the induction cooking method.

Induction cooktops are very quickly replacing stoves that run on gas and electricity in both the domestic kitchen as well as kitchens in restaurants and hotels. Induction stoves are still a relatively newer technology and while around 80% of the kitchens in the world are still using gas to cook food, the number of people switching to induction cooking are rapidly increasing for a handful of reasons.

Induction cooking is great for those of us who want to save time and get things done faster; the induction plate heats up faster and can bring water to boil even faster than any electric kettle can. This makes it easier to start cooking faster without having to wait around for your cookware to reach optimum temperatures.

A lot of dishes depend on the heat at which they are cooked to achieve the best possible taste and texture and this is where the best induction cooktop outshines any gas stove. Induction cooktops have the most accurate heat adjustment and they can allow you to constantly monitor the exact temperature at which you’re cooking your dish. Many chefs are starting to see the benefit of this and wouldn’t prepare their culinary masterpieces any other way.

Induction cooktops may need to be powered by electricity to run but they really don’t put too much strain on your electricity bill either. Since the induction plates are in direct contact with the cookware, not a lot of energy is lost either.

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