Induction Cookware by Nuwave

Inductive Cooking is quickly replacing the traditional stoves around the world and for good reason too. Inductive cooktops replace traditional flame hobs with magnetic heating to reduce fumes and achieve faster cooking temperatures. Inductive heating yields very fast changed in temperature because it directly heats the pots on the stove without any wasted thermal energy; a current is passed through a copper coil under the cooking pot, which results in an oscillating magnetic field which repeatedly magnetizes the cookware, thereby heating it up like the magnetic core of a transformer.

Naturally, for cooking on an induction stove you’ll need the appropriate cookware; Nuwave Cookware’s inductive set is a gorgeously crafted set that includes one cooking pot, two sizes of saucepans and one frying pan. Nuwave Cookware understands that nobody likes dealing with heavy cookware in their home kitchens and designs their products to be very lightweight, making them both easier to handle as well as faster in inducting heat. Nuwave Cookware Set boasts a polished magnetic stainless steel exterior with a strong non-stick ceramic coated interior of a copper color.

The Nuwave Cook set is induction ready but can be used as a thermal cook set as well. The extremely hard non-stick surface will help you cut back on the amount of oil you use to grease your pans before cooking and make it easier to clean up when you’re doing the dishes. Another great thing about Nuwave cookware is that despite its high quality and durability, it is very affordable and offers excellent value for money. To find out more about Nuwave products, check out the Nuwave cookware review by The Kitchen Guy. The Kitchen Guy is your most reliable source for honest expert reviews about kitchen appliances and cookware, all in one place.

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