How Getting Stronger Will Make You Ride Your Bike Better

Well, not many people seem to realize it, but if you want to get pretty good at the hour of riding your bike, then you need more than insane skills. You can be pretty skilled, but unless you take a step beyond and get stronger, you will always hit a plateau that will prevent you from progressing further.

Let’s solve this with this new post.

You need a very different kind of strength when we talk about riding a bike. There are many strength training guides, but what you need to do is to follow a blend between kettlebell training and calisthenics.

You don’t need to get bulkier, you need to get pretty fit and strong. And kettlebells along with calisthenics (mostly bar work), will make you achieve that. Some squats with barbell can help every now and then, but you need highly-functional strength.

Kettlebell will bring you a better control over your body, which is pretty much what you need for riding a bike like a real pro.

The Mobility Factor:
Strength is useless without mobility. KBs and calisthenics will help you with this, but you also need to work on mobility on a separate block. There are many routines which can help you with this.

If you train strength and mobility, then we can tell you that you will drive much better. You will have that important edge over the rest, and that will make you special.

But the thing here is to practice mobility after every strength session targeting the muscles worked while training. This is the best way to get stiffness out of your body and start moving better.

Now you have what’s needed, just go for it now.

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