Do Alkaline Water Filters Cause Bladder Infections?

You may have heard a few horror stories here and there about alkaline water filters, stories that might end up making you feel like purchasing one would be a bad idea. It is true that extremely alkaline water can end up leaving mineral deposits in your bladder which can make urination painful, and if left untreated for a long time it can cause urinary infections as well.

However, is this really because of alkaline water filters or is something else the culprit? In truth, too much of anything can cause you harm. Antibiotics can help make you better, but if you overuse them you are going to end up becoming immune which can make it difficult for you to recover from illnesses in the future. Additionally, fruits and vegetables are very good for you, but if you eat nothing but produce you are going to end up becoming deficient in a number of other nutrients that are equally necessary for your body’s continued functioning.

Similarly, when it comes to alkaline water filters a major problem is that a lot of people tend to overdo it. They see the benefits that alkaline water filters tend to provide and they end up assuming that the more they consume the better, and they also assume that the higher the pH of the water they are drinking the higher the health benefits they would receive. This is obviously not true at all, there needs to be a balance, and it is this lack of balance which causes so many health problems among people using such water filters.

If you still need a little more reassurance, make sure you read this article. This site has a lot of articles that tell you about the health benefits of alkaline water filters.

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