Condos: What You Need to Know About Them

If you have been living in an apartment so far and are now planning to move out, you have the option to choose between either houses or condos. For those of you who are not willing or are not comfortable with the idea of buying and moving into a house, a condo can be a great option. Their locations are great, they have more security as well as other added amenities.

However, it is also important to know the entire story about condos and there are some things you need to know about them before you make the decision to buy or move into one. Condos admittedly offer you more privacy than an apartment since there are fewer units in the building but you are not given complete privacy that comes with having your own house.

Condominiums are expensive and you have the added expense of the homeowner’s association fee which you cannot avoid regardless of whether you use any of the free amenities that are maintained via the homeowner’s association fee.

There are also rules that come with being a condo owner which you cannot challenge. For example, you cannot renovate the outside of your condo, similarly with some major renovations within your unit, you need to run it by the homeowner’s association first. There are various other strict policies that have to be followed and respected. Different condominiums have different rules so you can look around different buildings, go through their policies in fine print and find one that you feel works for you and one where you can compromise.

While condos are a great way to start property investment and ownership, they do not have a good resale rate. If you are still interested in looking for condos, you can check out E2 Condos and book a tour now.

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