Can’t Decide Whether to Buy a Landed Property or a Condominium Unit?

When it comes to investing on a property people are usually at the crossroads of whether going for a condominium project or single family house. Gone are the days when you were only wither entitled to live in an apartment or a house as nowadays there is an increasing trend of living in modernly constructed condos all over the country. Canada is home to some of the best condominium projects and investors consider these condos highly valuable due to their expert builders group and international management team. If you are just starting out living on your own and can’t decide whether to live in a regular house or a condo there are certain questions you should ask yourself before diving into the actual investment phase.

From the past few decades crime and theft has increased dramatically all over the world which has caused masses of people to sell off their landed properties and moving into condos or apartments. Condos provide high security and surveillance no matter what area it is situated and it becomes easier for the home owner to provide the family the level of security they deserve.

It is not just security that is a differentiating factor of living in condos but there are several other factors including amenities, maintenance, modern construction, and strategic location. Transportation is one the biggest factor that people look into when moving into a new area. Most condominium projects such as My Condo Squareone are located strategically near public transport and other facilities such as malls, grocery stores, and other everyday life facilities. You can now book for a unit of your own choice in My City Condos as it is currently the most sought after condominium tower in Ontario.

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