Australia’s Most Comfortable Coaches

Hiring a coach is a great way to provide a large group of people with transportation, these vehicles are often used to accommodate travel groups, sightseeing tourists, their even used for providing corporate transport and more. A coach can be a great way to get around, however, one should never hire a coach unless they’re absolutely sure that the vehicle is in good shape and is in the hands of an experienced driver. Pegasus Coach Tours has been providing the people of Australia with affordable and dependable coaching services for three decades now, the company has some of the best coaches that can be hired for various uses.

This tour company’s multitude of experience has helped them provide their passengers with safe and comfortable transportation, the company realises that travelling in large groups can quickly get uncomfortable for the passengers, therefore their coaches come fitted with a number of amenities. The company has a large fleet of well-maintained coaches, each of which frequently undergoes service and an eighteen point safety check that is conducted before every departure. Pegasus Coach Tour’s vehicles come with reclining seats with lap sash seat belts for safety, their coaches also have DVD players, washrooms and a PA system that keeps the passengers up to date with information about the ride.

Every driver that the tour company has is certified to provide senior passengers with first aid if needed, their drivers are also quite friendly and make a point out of keeping your trip as enjoyable as possible. Click here to visit Pegasus Coach Tour’s website and find out more about their services, the company has over 500 years of combined driving experience and is more than capable of providing you with some of the most luxurious coach rides of your life.

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