Addictive Mobile Games

When we talk about some of the most addictive mobile games that have existed, we have to talk about the Geometry Dash APK. This game has spread like wild fire ever since its release back in 2013 and has taken over the computers and the mobiles of a large part of the world population. This game caught on so quickly amongst android phone users and the online steam community that it was even compared to the game flappy bird, which had become a world – wide phenomena a few years ago and continues to be a game that had one of the highest number of plays ever since its release. Geometry Dash APK was thought to be on par with that game when it came out initially, but since then it is thought that this game can over take the flappy bird records and get a higher number of plays and downloads.

The entire game has gotten a revamp recently and has gone up from the 7 levels that it had at the time of the initial release to a grand total of 21 official levels, including a special unlockable level too. However if you ever get done with all of these levels all you have to do is check out the millions of other levels that have been created by the fans of the game. Using the level editor option that comes with the game, players have been able to make up their own levels and there are currently over 30 million different playable levels available to the fans of the game.

The new Geometry Dash APK update also brings in a better handling system for the game. With the introduction of ‘multiple touch ability’ and the faster response of the game, the game play has become a lot smoother and it is easier to play.

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