How to Use Garment Steamers?

Are you an amateur when it comes to using garment steamers or do not exactly know the proper way to operate these complicated-at-first-sight appliances. We have all run into situations when we first saw these magic wands like devices while visiting a garment store at mall or a fashion-guru at TV. No matter what the case, these steamers, have made their way to our everyday life and one out of every five people are using it or at least familiar with it.

So, if you have just bought one of these fabric steamers are not sure how to use them use these tips and techniques that would not only save your time but also increase the life of your clothes and steamers.

After you have decided what type of clothes steamer is the right for you, you have to know how to use that appliance and what are the limitations of it. First, position yourself correctly in accordance with the steamer and make sure the hose does not get entangled with the reservoir or other parts. Hold your dress with one hand and hold the steamer head in the other.

Instead of pressing the steamer directly against the garment like you do in ironing, hold the steamer slightly away from it so there is enough room for steam to escape from the head. Rubbing it against your garment might end your dress up with watermarks or sometimes even faded color. Run the steamer over your dress in an up and down manner making sure all the creases and wrinkles go away.

If you are using an upright steamer, extend the pole according to your height so that you do not have to bend your back. Please visit to get a detailed guide on how to use it.

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